Pursuant to NC Executive Order #215, all guests of The Local are required to wear a mask/face covering if they are yet to be vaccinated whenever not seated, or actively eating or drinking.



Thank you for helping us protect our

staff, guests & community!

Dear Guests,

Please be aware that on busy days and nights like weekends or holidays, all Reservations and Walk-ins are limited to a 2 hour time limit.  We ask this so that we are able to accurately space out Reservations and quote accurate Wait Times to our guests. If you feel that you would like more than 2 hours to enjoy your visit, please include that request in your reservation notes or make the host aware of your needs if you are a Walk-in guest. 

Thank you :)


Tomato Veggie Medley


Cup: $3.95 / Bowl: $5.95



(contains gluten)

Cup: $4.95 / Bowl: $6.95


tres leche cake.jpg


Tres Leche Cake



Cocktail Specials

Parliament of Devils.jpg

Parliament of Devils

Hibiscus infused Jameson, Lemon, Egg White, Simple Syrup &

Mango Hellfire Bitters



Our egg whites are pasteurized and impart a silky texture to the cocktail. The practice of adding egg whites to drinks is safe and goes back over 100 years!

Beets Me.jpg

Beets Me

Espolon Tequila, Aperol,

Blood Orange Juice & Beet Shrub


To Go 2020 Covid-Website 12-30Winter 202



1911: Original Dry Cider (16oz) - $6

1911: Raspberry Cider (16oz) - $6

Stella Artois: Belgian Pilsner (12oz) - $5

Oskar Blues: Mama's Lil Yela Pils (12oz) - $5

Lagunitas: IPA (12oz) - $5

Weihenstephaner: Hefeweizen (11.2oz) - $5

Founders: Breakfast Stout (12 oz) - $6

Wicked Weed: Cherry Key Lime Burst (12oz) - $5

Buchi Kombucha:  $6


Fire: Organic Ginger & Cayenne Pepper
Sovereign: Organic Peach Juice & Ginger


*Not available on special

Local NC beers are italicized

*Noble: Village Tart Cherry Cider (6.4%) - $6

*New Sarum: "The People's Elbow" Coconut Milkshake IPA (7%) - $6

*Hi-Wire: Bed of Nails Brown Ale (6.1%) - $6

*Foothills: Jade IPA (7%) - $6

*Hi-Wire: S'mores Porter (6%) - $6

Booneshine: Tropicpale Ale (6%) - $6

Lost Province: Tyrannosaurus Mex Lime Lager (4.5%) - $6

Sweetwater: 420 Extra Pale Ale (5.7%) - $6

Guinness: Irish Stout (5%) - $6

Sierra Nevada: Hazy Lil' Thing IPA (6.7%) - $5

Kettel: Rollcast Kolsch (5.5%) - $5

AMB: Long Leaf IPA (7.1%) - $5

Catawba: White Zombie Witbier (5.1%) - $5

Green Man: Porter (6%) - $5

Red Oak: Hummingbird Helles Lager (5.4%) - $5

Blue Moon: Belgian Wheat Ale (5.4%) - $5

Sam Adams: Summer Ale (5.3%) - $5

West End: Utica Club Pilsner (5%) - $5

Wine List bLACK AND WHITE-FINAL Winter 2


· We are screening our staff before every shift.  We take the temperature of each staff member & ask them screening questions for symptoms.

· All staff members are required to wear a mask at all times while on the Service Floor or in any Prep Areas.

· All staff are required to thoroughly wash their hands after any interaction with items handled by guests or staff.

· Our bathrooms are sanitized every 15 minutes by staff on a schedule monitored by management.

· Each table & chair is sanitized after each use.

· Sanitizer is available upon arrival & exit for each guest.

· We are using QR codes to link your phone to our online menu to limit contact and waste.

· Items like salt, pepper, & candles have been removed from tables & must be requested.

· We ask the each guest to wear their mask & respect the 6’ rule when interacting with

staff & other guests.

We are striving to protect you and our staff.  If you witness any staff member failing to adhere to the above guidelines, please let management know immediately.  These sanitary procedures are new to everyone and must be made into habits, both for the Staff as well as the Guest. 

We appreciate your cooperation, assistance & understanding.


Pub chips or coleslaw for no upcharge

Shoestring Fries → $3.95

Sweet Potato Fries → $3.95

Truffle Frites → $4.95

Creamy Mac n' Cheese → $4.50

Caesared Brussels Sprouts → $3.50

Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower → $3.50

Fried Plantains → $3.50

Cheddar Grits with Mushroom Demi → $3.50

Side Garden Salad → $3.95

Side Caesar Salad → $3.95