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Below you will find information about The Local P.A.S.S. program, ticket rates, purchase options, contact information as well as our 2015 calendar. To see our 2015 calendar click here


The Local P.A.S.S. is a program created by The Local, in Boone, NC to help improve our community by hosting a fund raising event once a month.  Now, in addition to offering food, drinks and entertainment, The Local will be a destination for monthly events to support our community.  Through partnering with different local entities that are each contributing to our community in some way, we will help expand their ability to reach local residents.


The core values of The Local is reflected in the goal of the Local P.A.S.S. -  to Provide services to the community, Advocate for those in need by supporting local organizations, Sustain our local economy and foster Synergy within the community. These goals are where the organization gets the acronym that forms its name: Provide, Advocate, Sustain, Synergy.

P-Provide: Providing fundraising opportunity through partnering with local philanthropic organizations, non for profits, educators, social services and others that foster the well being of our community. 


A-Advocate: Advocating for those in need.  We will be improving local social justice issues, education, and supporting local organizations that need funding.   Through this process, the organizations will be able to better serve their clients and ultimately impact our community overall.


S-Sustain:  Working towards a more self sufficient community cycle.   Utilizing local goods and services not only has a positive impact on our environment but also our local economy.  Through supporting our local economy we become more sustainable as individual businesses.  In addition, we are creating a small sustainable culture through increasing the overall health of the community, through partnering with organizations driven towards the service and growth of our community’s needs.


S- Synergy:  Combining different services to reach higher potential than the individual services alone.  We are more than just the sum of our business added together, we are synergistic.    By partnering with services that individually may have need, we can build more robust identities through working together.


The organization featured at each event will receive 100% of additional raffle ticket sales, 50% of  all ticket sales and 10% of all food sales at The Local on the night of their event.

If you are with an organization and would like more more information about being sponsored at a Local P.A.S.S. event, please contact us – thelocalpass@gmail.com



Event Details


Each entry ticket to a Local P.A.S.S. event will include:


  • Free Appetizers

  • One free pint of beer or a non-alcoholic beverage

  • 1 ticket for a Raffle of locally donated items (Additional raffle tickets available for purchase) 


Remember – with every additional raffle ticket purchased you increase your odds of winning and the organization featured at each event will recieve 100% of the sale of additional raffle tickets



Silver Pass--$10

  • one time event entry

  • 1 Raffle ticket of locally donated items (Additional raffle tickets available for purchase)


Gold Pass--$50

  • entry to six events

  • Free Appetizers for each event

  • One free pint of beer or a non-alcoholic beverage for each event

  • 1 Raffle ticket for each event(Additional raffle tickets available for purchase)

  • 5% discount for cardholder on all food purchases for 12 months from date of purchase


Platinum Pass--$100

  • entry to twelve events

  • Free Appetizers for each event

  • One free pint of beer or a non-alcoholic beverage for each event

  • 1 Raffle ticket for each event(Additional raffle tickets available for purchase)

  • 10% discount for cardholder on all food purchases for 18 months from date of purchase


To purchase tickets please stop by The Local at 179 Howard Street in downtown Boone!




2015 Calendar





Friday- January 16th              Boone Community Network              


Friday- February 20th            OASIS                                           


Friday- March 20th                Hospitality House                              


Friday- April 17th                  Children's Council                                     


Friday- May 15th                   Health & Hunger Coalition                              


Tuesday- June 16th               Blue Ridge Wildlife                                               


Tuesday- July 21st                WAMY                                                              


Tuesday- August 18th            Wine to Water                                                              


Tuesday- September 15th      Women's Fund of the Blue Ridge


Tuesday- October 20th           Western Youth Network                                 


Friday- November 20th           Girl Scout Troup 10492                              


Friday- December 18th           F.A.R.M. Cafe                                                           




                             *All events will be held from 6pm-8pm unless otherwise announced.

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