Tunde Afolayan


"Tunde has emerged amongst the ranks of contemporary African artists committed to embracing figurative expressionism. He received his formal training in art at the prestigious ‘Yaba Tech’ ( Lagos-Nigeria) and attended graduate school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, USA . He has taught art courses at Yaba Tech, National Louis University (USA), and Elizabeth City State University (USA). In the Fall of 2006, Tunde became a full-time studio artist, maintaining his practice in the state of North Carolina . He is the recipient of numerous artist residencies across the United States .Exploring color as the basis of painting, Tunde infuses spiritualism and symbolism in his powerful lyrical expressions. His thematic compositions captured in vibrant colors allow figurative images to adopt expressive, abstract qualities as well as representational styles. Tunde’s spontaneous, energetic gestures create splashes, strokes, and heavily layered areas that reveal the confident control of his painting media for clarity of expressions. His color pallet tempered with strong and vibrant hues exemplifies his powerful traditional African roots and aesthetics."


''I believe in fervor and visual metaphors. The use of traditional symbolism, expressive imageries and vibrant colors in my paintings are prominently emphasized to elicit profound aesthetic responses and evoke critical dialogues. However, the use of vibrant colors is more than just a visual feast; they are intended to elevate human experience to a higher level of spiritual harmony...''


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